design by Ganesh and Kislay

About Us

We have worked through projects of hospitality, residential, industrial, institutional and healthcare.

Our architectural language and style is based largely on the use of local material, nature light and ventilation, well planned services with easy maintenance.

The interior spaces naturally evolve through our architectural language based on volume, light, colour and decoration.

We approach each project from its basic principles. Every project is dealt with a fresh approach to keep abreast of new developments and ideas that keep changing with time.

Design Philosophy:

Life is relationship - with spaces, with people, with ideas, with work. By instinct, mans relationship with nature is relaxing and this is regardless of any of his other relationships. Our body and mind respond better to the natural than man-made spaces that are devoid of it.

The architecture that we create will connect with the seasons of the year, with the time of the day, through light and air. It will protect against the fury of nature, and live with it in good times.

We strongly believe that architecture is to create spaces which shall not just satisfy the functional needs of the users, but shall be sensitive to the culture, lifestyles, community, and shall become their companion in sharing and experiencing the joy of urban life.

We also believe that architecture shall belong to the geographical location, the culture, the available local talent, the climate and the era in which it is built. Our buildings stress on using locally available material and labour, in a contemporary style. We think that all architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains, secures, exalts, or stimulates the person in that space. "Good design comes from the experience of spaces"


Kumar Consultants has been in practice for the past 25 years, and as we look back at all the structures that we have designed / built, we see a common thread that connects all of them - the use of volume, light, material, attention to detail and the design of all services. The rest, that includes form, varied with the clients brief.

Almost as a rule, our spaces are free-floorings, interiors are naturally lit and ventilated, volumes vary with the usage of space, materials form the decoration. We have always been climate-sensitive, and although we have never applied for a green certificate, we have been green all along.

The brief of our client is important to us. It dictates the feeling of the space we design and the materials that convey these sentiments- spaces that are warm, spaces that are intimate, spaces that show-off, while in all cases they celebrate life.

About architecture:

Architecture is the design of shelter and begins from pre-historic caves. One such rock -shelter, inscribed in the world heritage list, is in Bhimbetka, Madhya Pradesh.

These are large imposing sandstone formations with rock paintings on the walls, ceilings, and naturally created niches in the rock. The quality of light, the varying shapes and volumes of the limestone, the winding pathways through the caves, are a magical experience . Shelters, from time pre-historic, has brought together the arts and the environment. Add science and technology to this, and we have our cities today.

Architecture influences all aspects of the built environment. Its importance cannot be overlooked. By adopting a dynamic approach to the planning, designing and maintenance of our built environment, and as a continuous thread from our past, architecture can contribute greatly to the living conditions of our cities, behavioral patterns our society, improve social inclusion, health, and in general, the joy of living.

As a substantial contributor to sustainability, architecture goes beyond the physical and the quantifiable, to sustainability in terms of aesthetic comfort, community spaces and habits, lifestyle and inclusion , art and design sensibilities and economic affordability.

Even our Bhimbetka caves, from pre-historic times, were artistic. That's the human spirit. There must be beauty in all aspects of design and life.