design by Ganesh and Kislay


We at Kumar Consultants believe that education is an extremely important part of the mental, behavioural & creative health of a nation and its people. Students require spaces that are open, stimulate creativity along with responsibility, individuality along with community, respect for the fellow-human, care for the earth and the joy of living and giving. Institutional design, that covers education, goes beyond the mere physical to translate to healthy minds . We believe that architecture plays a very critical role in this in terms of materials used, quality of spaces and light, relationship to nature.


Residential Architecture covers every economic segment of the population of the world, and each segment requires a different skill set and ability . At Kumar Consultants, we approach each project from its basic principles, depending on the requirements and aspirations of the client. No two residential units are alike, and the programme for each residential type differ drastically, as do our design process. A lot of attention is given to detailing of the various elements of a unit. Kumar Consultants is also experienced in master planning of residential layouts.

Hospitality & Health-Care

Kumar Consultants has extensive experience in this sector, with one of their first projects being hospitality. The firm is very well-informed about the complete set of services required, the cross-section of labour needed, from general to highly skilled ; the co-ordination of a large number of consultants with different expertise; the design requirements for a comfortable and healthy interior space. Their expertise is in handling the architecture as well as the interior as one wholesome built space that complement each other.

Interior Designing

Kumar Consultants has done numerous Interior Design projects. As interior designers we take the utmost care in planning our projects, detailing of the elements of interiors and of spaces. We are aware of the extremely talented and artistic skills sets available and use these talents to execute aesthetic sensuality and perfection. We use volume, material, art, colour, lighting, texture, among other aspects of interior designing.

Sustainable Design

We have a very strong interest in sustainable design at Kumar Consultants, and believe in sustainability to cover aesthetics, scale, form, material, skills and aspirations, along with climate, light, ventilation and other measurable values. Our goal is to design for comfort in a holistic way rather than green certification. Our building envelops have always followed the natural dictates of nature.


One of the common tools of an architect has been the pen and pencil to sketch and share ideas. This basic technique has undergone changes and we share our work through the medium of software-generated sketches and presentations.

About Us

We are a Bangalore-based firm of architects in practice for the past 25 years with our office located in Indiranagar, Bangalore. We are very well-informed with the local materials, labour skills available, climate, socio-cultural fabric of the city and its peoples, by law-governing construction.

Our architectural language and style is based largely on the use of local material, nature light and ventilation, well planned services with easy maintenance.

The interior spaces created by our architectural envelopes evolves out a responsibility to the brief of our client. We create spaces that has the ability to energise, relax, show-off sometime intimidate, as the case may be. All this volume, light, colour, decoration.